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How to find a specific component within schmetric and pcb la

Avatar Posted by Chi Ho Wong at

    Dear all,

    When using RS DesignSpark, how to find a specific component within schmetric and pcb layout? Thanks. I am waiting for quick answer.

    Yours faithfully,
    Chi Ho Wong


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      Posted by 衞欣欣 at

      You can use ModelSource in if you are using other PCB design software. If you are using DesignSpark PCB, there is a ModelSource interface in the software. You can search components by categories or by RS part number or manufacturer part number. Then download the files or directly use the components in your design.

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      Posted by sharethl at

      in "Add component" 's find button?

      Could you show me how to find this part? ... _435863|fp


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      Posted by banjohat at

      the modelsource collection is not located in the add component section, but in the bottom of the schematic editor. When you click on the small label, you will get a number of options to select the component family and so on. if you enter the RS part number (529-8218) then you should be able to find schematic and symbol for the component. although this is only if the component is included in modelsource (which it probably is)

      Hope this helps:)

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      Posted by sharethl at

      Aha, It hides there, Thanks, banjohat

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