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Troubleshoot Eagle Scematic Import failure?

Avatar Posted by a2retro at

My Eagle Schematic import is failing. Is there some kind of log available to review? Any other suggestions? The PCB from the same design imported okay as far as I can tell.


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    Posted by a2retro at

    Anybody on this forum actually support this product?

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    Posted by jhax78 at

    im beginning to wonder too nothing gets answered

    having the same problem as you

    common ppl even answers in jenglish are good

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    Posted by Boss at


    I haven't used the free version of Eagle due to the small board size allowed, however I just did a forum search of your issue and a key requirement is

    " have you converted the library to an eil file? This is the one you need to import, and if you use this file you won't get the error. The error you see indicates you are not using the newly generated *.eil file."

    Also have you followed the tutorial < Help> <Tutorials> <Importing Eagle Files> ?

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