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Connections on different Layers

Avatar Posted by MarioW at

    Hi there,

    I want to connect two vias on more than one Layer (because of high current), but Designspark always shows an Error-Dialog ("A connection between these two items already exists." The only possibility to achieve this I have found up to now is to draw the copper on the different layers before placing the vias, but thats not a good solution (creates a lot of Errors within design-rule-check). Is there another possibility to achieve this? Perhaps this would be a good feature for DS4.1 :-)

    Best Regards,



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      Posted by Boss at

      Hi Mario,

      I'm still using DS3 (installing DS4 next week on another desktop), however if the error is the same as in DS3, then to prevent this issue do the following:-

      With your PCB displayed, go to <Settings> <Preferences> (or use CTRL+F7), then select the <interactions> tab and then in the right hand column uder "PCB Interactions" tick the box "allow duplicate tracks". this is not ticked by default.

      I believe your vias are effectively creating duplicate tracks which is the issue being detected by DSPCB.

      Let us know if this helps your situation.

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      Posted by MarioW at

      Hi Boss,

      it works with DS4 too, thanks for your help!

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      Posted by simonbr at

      Not completely on topic, but with large current I would consider the via to be the weak spot, so I would rather add more vias than more traces to a single via.

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      Posted by Boss at

      Very good point Simonbr, yes you DO need multiple via's for higher current capacity.
      Fortunately the "dupilcate tracks check box" allows for this, but thanks for raising this valuable point.
      Definitely ON topic!

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