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Windows 8 and MODELSOURCE

Avatar Posted by LJD at

Though the DesignSpark main page details that version 4.0 is fully compatible with Windows 8 this does not appear to be true (at least on my machine). Running DesignSpark on my desk top machine under Windows 7 I find ModelSource to work properly but on my Windows 8 computer Modelsource does not work. I am running version 4 and DesignSpark works fine under Windows 8 but I get a "Communication Error" when trying to open ModelSource.

Do others have ModelSource working from within DesignSpark under Windows 8? If not when will an updated Windows 8 version be released?


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    Posted by nyvlem at

    Works fine on Windows 8 pro (but is not bug free)

    There is a software coding error within "DesignSpark" which is simple to demonstrate both on Windows Vista and Windows 8..
    The code needs to differentiate between "search for component failed" and "failed to communicate with ModelSource..

    Simple test for the design team (support / RS ) to reproduce the error
    Search for a non existent component for example a "sn75999" this should return a "search for component failed" and not a "failed to communicate with ModelSource" error message.

    DesignSpark bug.png
    DesignSpark bug.png (25.28 KiB) Viewed 688 times

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