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Well, so far I'm not doing well. I loaded Version4 with ModelSource. It does not contain the simple standard 2N3055 transistor. ModelSource on-line does, so I downloaded the zip file, renamed it (why the name doesn't include the extent type, I can't imagine), and copied the file into \DesignSpark PCB\Library\User. No effect. By the way, the instructions in the tutorial say "Inside the downloaded zip file you will find a set of individual zip files, one for each downloaded component:" Not so. Three components in one file, all .dsl files, no readme.txt file at all. So what do I do with a dsl file?

I can't load any diode from the diode library into my schematic, I get the error message "cannot find symbol "DIODE-2" in any library". Is this a bug or did I screw something up? I can load diodes from the SPICE library.

And I can't figure out how to tell the schematic I want external (edge) connections for a potentiometer so they'll show up on the PCB as supporting an external component..

Somehow the tutorials haven't helped me much... probably it's just me, but it is a little frustrating.

That said, I really like the schematic program... easy to use and manipulate. And I suspect I'll like the translation of schematic into PCB when I get it figured out.


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    Posted by HomeGirl at


    Using the ModelSource bar in DS, enter 2n3055 in the Part Number quick search.

    Two come up, one is greyed out

    Highlight the black one and click the 'Use Component' button.

    Give it a little bit of time and it will be downloaded and added to the BiPolar Transistors library which is a 'Downloaded Library'. Once it's there click the 'Add Component' button (or press F3) and then click Find. Type in 2n3055 and press 'Find'. Once it appears in the list, just double click on it to add it to your schematic.

    If it doesn't find it then you'll need to activate that library.


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