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Design Spark installation

Avatar Posted by npace1957 at

    I have downloaded, installed and activated design Spark V4.0 to give it a try.
    However, when I start the program , the first page from a sample project appers, but all is disabled and clicking on any area od the window (even also on menus and tools button, or the title area) opens a browser window to, the program doing nothing else ! What can I do? Any ideas ?


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      Posted by MikeBK at

      Hi, we are currently investigating this issue, there was another one user emailing us at support inbox, unless it was you - please email support and we will do our best to solve your problem. Cheers

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      Posted by otisman37 at

      I had this problem too... Running Windows 7. It was a confusing - I'm still trying to figure out a work-around, but I discovered there seems to be an invisible window over the top of the DesignSpark window. Maybe the 'spash screen' not displaying properly?? clicking on it sends you straight to the RS web site.

      for now - Pressing Alt+F4 once closes the invisible window - then you can access the menus.

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      Posted by miketruslove69 at

      I'm having exactly the same problem. version 3 was working, then stopepd. Whenever I open designspark, the RS window opened. Upgraded to V4, same problem.

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      Posted by ReMarked at

      Same problem here, using DesignSpark 4. Was alright last week, problem started this morning. Alt+F4 seems to work for now.

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      Posted by afms2012 at

      ALT F4 works for me too.

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      Posted by northeastman at

      Hi all
      we are having the ame problem today, DS4 was working this morning but this evening it just takes us straight to the RS website.

      As a previous user mentioned, the RS advert popup window has gone invisible; Alt+F4 clears the problem, well it does for us running Wiindows 7 64 bit and IE8.

      We know that RS support DS but do we really need their advert window every time we load the program. Once every 10 loads would be more than sufficient to remind everyone how great RS is?

      We have emailed support just now for assistance.


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      Posted by iceriver at

      Same problem here, and it is a vary bad user experience.

      Too much RS in this "free" software V4 now, V3 and V2 were much better, and I am thinking to use alternatives. I prefer to pay some money for a tool without so much RS windows.

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      Posted by jacdavid at

      Similar problem: each time I click on a menu, it opens an new tab in my browser, which is advertissement for RS, and ignore my click.
      Sorry, I uninstall this program, it becomes useless.

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      Posted by MikeBK at

      Hi All,

      Apologies for the splash screen issue you guys are experiencing. It proves difficult to pin point and we would appreciate your help sending over details of your operating system (best to send the support report, ALT+S from withing DSPCB). So far we had very few users with this issue, and the numbers are still very low so we need to look for what your systems have specific in common - that could set us on a right path. So far we were unsuccessful reproducing the issue on our virtual machines running many different versions of Windows.

      A more thorough explanation of the problem was already posted here

      Best regards,


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