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Got no activation email

Avatar Posted by KrengelRFDesign at

    Emailing the activation code seems to be a bigger problem!
    Maybe server sent my email using a carrier pigeon?

    Since days I'm trying to get into that DesignSpark but its getting a nightmare
    more and more.

    First I tried to open an account here.....>> no email to activate the account got.

    After emailing to the service 2 days later I got an email that I now have to
    give the login a trial again.

    And WOW, it worked....Is that an adventure game?

    If so, I'm now behind the first door :)

    Now tried tried to activate the program.

    "An email was send to your email account xxxx@xxxx..:" was the answer.
    Again I waited......>>>> no email inside my box nor in the spam filter.

    Now I'm here and I just looked into the mirror there a new grey hair?

    Guys that isnt funny.

    RS sure wants to sell parts.....well ...and I like to work
    with that program.

    We are both wasting time....
    If that doesn work I guess better returning to Eagle. I'm very very angrily....


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      Posted by KrengelRFDesign at

      DesignSpark service team have been very busy :) to help and after a couple of
      hours I got a hand sent email containing my activation code.

      Thank you very much guys :)
      Now I'm happy to test the program.

      Best regards

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      Posted by johnos999 at

      Is the email which sends you the Activation Code not automated?
      Do you need to wait until somebody 'gets around' to manually answering
      your activation request?


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      Posted by ondra85 at

      hello, I have same problem. When I got regitration emal, it was done very quickly, but the email with activation mail did not come yet.

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      Posted by shiely at

      where will the active code be sent? The email?

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      Posted by raphzahn at

      Same Probleme here.

      After i recived a hand send email that my new account is now activated i tryed to activate this piece of PCB software...

      but again no email... i've checked also my spam-folder

      Hello RS whats the matter?

      Best regards


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