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User Guide

Avatar Posted by Fred Wraight at

    Where is the much referred to Users Guide?


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      Posted by RS Components Support at

      Hello Fred,

      Within the Design Spark PCB software, goto <Help> on the menu bar.
      In the list you will see the help <Contents> which in itself is a useful reference, but the document(s) you refer to are further down the list in <Tutorials>

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      Posted by Fred Wraight at

      There is no mention of the User Guide in Contents List and the Design Tutorials don't work!

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      Posted by Boss at

      Hi Fred, what/where do you see "user guides"?

      There are videos, help files and the tutorials.

      What message do you get when you say they don't work?
      They are simply pdf files.

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      Posted by barryc at

      I too am a bit confused by the statement that the Tutorials " are simply pdf files"
      when I attempt to save them the result is an html file! Where are the pdf's please?

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      Posted by Boss at

      From memory they are installed in the DSPCB folders as pdfs.

      Version 5 is now better with them being broken down into online parts, but the legacy pdfs are still available.

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      Posted by HomeGirl at

      Built in basic program guide is at

      Legacy tutorials are at

      New tutorials, some with videos are at


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