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Making: Pearls! is a hollow torus, working as a mil for crushed oysters. Simply mount it to your bicycle. Depending, on how often you are using your bike, after about half a year up, the fragments turning into pearls!



****Entry for DesignSpark Mechanical Challenge****


This is a simple way to make pearls.

The torus, mounted to your bike will turn fragments of crushed oysters into pearls.

Note: It can take half a year or more before the fragments turning into pearls!

In my case its very easy to get oysters. Dono, how about you people.If there is no way for you to get oysters, you may like to use glass, stones, ceramic or even metal.


Take care, the fragments are not to big, or to small and keep in mind, when using multiple materials, have a look insight from time to time for the softer ones.

Print this in ABS or Nylon - PLA WILL NOT WORK!
One part of the design-concept was to reduce the amount of objects. At this stage there are tree parts to print. (4 times each)

The main design files can be downloaded here.

Note, that the milling take several months. I've took out the fragments after 3 week an there have being changed already! No sharp edges, corners ore spikes anymore.

In my case, I assume about half a year of milling to get my pearls.


After 3 weeks:



Stage files

Title Date added Added by
howto.gif 20/11/2013 CADFood
rim3.rsdoc 21/11/2013 CADFood


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